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Video Depositions
(two-hour minimum): 

The two-hour minimum includes:  Local travel, equipment set-up, the first two hours of the deposition from the scheduled start time, produced DVD media, equipment take-down time and Priority Mail shipping.  Total minimum charge: $270.00.

Over two hours:

$90.00 per hour, and then prorated each 1/4 hour thereafter.  (Includes additional DVD media and postage.)

Copies of deposition

$35 each DVD copy (includes
USPS Priority Mail shipping). 
Each additional DVD in the same shipment will be $30. 

Non-linear video editing:

$55.00 per man hour of editing.

Synchronized video: 
Professionally synchronized
video with transcript using the YesLaw DVD software and
services -- $85.00 per hour of video (an ASCII file of the transcript must be supplied.)

Video Conferencing:
$125.00 per hour, one-hour minimum and then prorated each 1/4 hour thereafter.

Our local service area is approximately 50 miles from Corvallis and includes Salem south to Eugene.  Distances over 50 miles will be charged at current IRS mileage rates plus $20 per hour travel time. 

For pricing of other services or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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